In today's world, we don't have enough time... for ourselves.

Yes, especially for us and our health.

We are much more interested in the business we do, in solving pressing problems, in the subjects and people around us, in communicating with friends, or simply in keeping track of news on the Internet.

We pay less and less attention to ourselves, to what we feel, what we look like, what our thoughts are and what our mood is. We rush through life without noticing the timid signals of discomfort that our body sends from time to time.

Why is it so difficult and often simply boring for us to take care of our health?

This has a lot to do with the fact that nowadays, people are not focusing their attention on themselves. But, sooner or later, we all come to the realization of the need to take care of ourselves.

People have a tendency to consult a doctor only in an extreme emergency. And when circumstances force us to pay attention to our health, the fear that a long and uncomfortable process might lie ahead makes us postpone any measures until later.

But is that really right?

Health is your capital.
Taking care of your health is an investment in yourself, in your present.
Taking care of your health is an investment in your future and the future of your children.
Taking care of your health is an investment in your energy and your development.

To be healthy means to live to old age in good health, enjoying life and harmony.

Isn't that tempting?

How can you learn to love and take care of yourself?
How to listen to your body and start caring for it?
How to make your life healthier?
If you have ever asked yourself such questions, then you are on the right track.

The human body is a unique biological mechanism in which everything is interconnected and whose functionality is mainly regulated by the inner attitude towards oneself, by the way a person perceives reality and thus creates his own reality. What is the cause and what is the consequence of the fact that not everything in the body is fine?

Taking care of yourself is not that difficult.

One possible "assistant" on this way could be your use of the KME System. It is precisely the principle of an interested attitude towards one's own health that forms the basic idea of KME. Using the System will help you tap your comprehensive resources, both biological and psychological. The System's functionality is aimed at restoring the natural defensive forces of the body.

KME Technology

This is an Intelligent Analysis System, your personal assistant in healthy lifestyle.

What the KME is

This is the screening integrative medicine system intended for those who think of their health and follow the scientific development.


Holistic approach to assessment of the actual health condition. Opportunity for purposeful health reserve management.


Cloud technology is the basis of our prompt and reliable support. We guarantee the system stable operation, safe use and training.

About KME

The KME system allows you to assess the current state of the human body.

The System uses a special computer program ERI ™ -Qlife, based on the principles of intelligent semantic analysis.

The basis of the physical principle of operation of the KME System is the regularity of the fact that any matter consists of matter and field. And these two substances are inseparable. Any processes occurring in the matter of matter are reflected in the dynamics of changes in its field.

Conversely, changes in the dynamics of the field are reflected in the dynamics of processes in the matter of matter.

Dynamic electric field strength is one of the essential indicators of changes occurring in matter. KME converts the field strength of the organism into a mathematical model in the form of a set of different markers. The System database contains reference markers of various processes and states. The recorded (scanned) set of human field markers in the System is compared with the set of reference markers according to the degree of their coincidence.

Given the relationship of field change with the dynamics of processes in matter, the KME System implements a new approach in maintaining the regulatory balance in the body. This approach is based on the regulation of the balance of physiological processes in the body through the regulation of the electric field strength of these processes.

KME-ERI™ Operating Principle

The main biophysical parameter of the KME method is the dynamic stress of electric field of a living organism. This is determined by symbiotic relationship of two ground states of the living matter, the matter and the field. The information obtained from the field stress dynamics analysis is a spectral and dynamic marker (“image”) of the actual condition. The marker is a dynamic digital characteristic of the electric field of various processes occurring in the organism and their various combinations. The markers describe the average characteristics of these processes.

ERI™ Software

The ERI™ software operating principle is based on the “image” recognition. The KME “image” (marker is the dynamic stress of the electric field corresponding to actual processes of the human organism at the moment. To obtain information about actual processes of the human organism, organs and systems conditions, responses and their causes, the studied sensor recorded marker is compared with the average markers of these conditions and processes to be entered into the ERI™ database.

The CME -ERI™ software interface, terminology and knowledge bases are given in Russian, English, German, Czech, French, Italian, Spanish, and Polish.

System Features and Advantages

A distinctive feature of the KME in contrast to the other screening systems is its passive operation during assessment of the condition without any impact on a human.

The KME is a reliable assistant for common users and multi-discipline specialists.

When the KME is used by a doctor, it becomes a full-pledged participant of the communication interaction process: doctor - KME - patient.
The КME allows to consider the dynamics of the patient’s condition, promptly to update the strategy and tactics of individual treatment algorithms.

KME-ERI™ provide the user to:

  • assess the existing and potential health risks;
  • assess the impact of the psychoemotional state and personal psychological characteristics on physiological processes and health indicators;
  • give recommendations on development of dynamic healthy eating program;
  • select the optimal biological food supplements;
  • assess the functional activity of vitamins and micronutrients to correct the tissue metabolism;
  • give recommendations on the required physical (muscular) load for locomotor apparatus;
  • based on the corrected energy balance, restore the best general well-being and functionality of all body systems;
  • considering the individual responsiveness of the organism and adaptability of all its systems, assess the forecast efficiency and duration of use of the picked correction methods and programs to achieve optimal result;
  • forecast the health condition to reflect the relation, degrees of activity and tendency of processes and conditions at various levels of the human organism.

The KME can be efficiently used by a healthy lifestyle and active longevity coach. The KME provides for establishing the similar triarchy of interrelations: specialist (coach) - KME - client. The coach gets an opportunity to establish optimal contact with the client, promptly to assess the physical and emotional condition.
Based on the client’s condition and needs assessment conducted in the KME, the coach can recommend various products for the client, including BAS, according to various prophylaxis and health maintenance schemes.

The KME can be efficiently implemented in the bosom of the family for personal health monitoring and correction of each family member.

IMPORTANT: using the KME does not replace the existing laboratory, clinical and other screening methods, pharmacological and other treatment and prophylaxis methods.