Training instructions

CME Swiss AG and its associated qualified instructors provide user trainings for KME medical systems. (For ERI tablet based system we provide only video instructions. These instructions are available upon initialization of your ERI tablet account.)

CME Swiss AG provides individualized as well as general training courses to our clients. All our courses are custom designed to suit the needs of the wide range of healthcare professionals. We constantly improve the quality of our educational courses and methods. Our trainings take place at our headquarters in Uzwil, Switzerland as well as in other countries through our associates. Upon successful completion of the training program, CME Swiss AG issues a relevant certificate.

The primary instructions usually take from 4 to 5 hours.

During this instructions a new user will be present the following information: Introduction, theoretical foundations, history of creation and development of the KME and ERI systems. Getting started – understanding the KME application. Understanding of analytical methods and scales used in the KME application. Exploring the auto-algorithms and marker data bases modules. Practical applications and answers.

Please inquire about the training schedule and costs.

Through our partners and assonates you can also receive more specific, hands on instructions as well as participate in user seminars. Please see “Partners & References” page on our website to find out more.

To learn more about the methods used in our systems, we encourage you to visit our “Downloads” and “Video collection” pages to explore the article and relevant information.