CME Swiss Ag is located in the scenic canton St. Gallen in Switzerland. We strive to maintain the reputation of bringing Swiss quality products and services to our customers. Our goal is to promote health and quality of life for people,  animals, and plants. We implement advancements of the modern science into accessible, intuitive systems.  

We focus on software/hardware development of the new generation professional medical and non-medical systems for Improving health and quality of life. We provide training and support services to our customers.

Over the past few years, there have been several major global market shifts in medical technology. Advanced technology, usually reserved for major hospitals, is showing up in local doctor offices and even in the homes of consumers. Another related shift is the increased demand for pre-clinic and post-clinic healthcare devices that can be used in small practices or in the home. And perhaps the most important trend is the market’s growing interest in using the latest technology advances for diagnostics. These factors have all culminated in the development of CME Swiss AG's latest technology for health care givers and ordinary people. Our devices were designed for the purpose of improving person's quality of life.

Here are some of the numerous benefits of using our systems:

  • Convenient to use and producing fast results
  • Over 10 years successful application 
  • Positive user feedback 
  • Positive feedback from patients
  • Time and cost saving method 
  • Alternative to expensive procedures
  • Non-invasive method of analysis
  • Easy monitoring of health
  • Integrated, preventive measures
  • Combining conventional and holistic approaches
  • Helps to determine the right lifestyle on the individual bases 
  • Proposes individual therapies
  • Helps uncover psychological factors 

There is growing concern that many of the new basic science discoveries made in recent years may not quickly yield more effective results. Here at CME-SWISS AG we strive for the development of superior technologies to address these challenges – to ensure that basic discoveries turn into new and better products.

We also would like to stress that our products and services provide as an additional array of information and do not intend to replace or substitute treatments prescribed by the health care professionals. Please take any health concerns seriously and do all you can to investigate any problem you may be concerned with. Obtain professional advice from your health care provider prior to using any alternative methods, including our systems.