ERI™ Fitness & Nutrition

Using ERI™ Fitness & Nutrition, it takes about 35 to 60 seconds to get an overview of the personalized fitness level of your client.

Using ERI™ Fitness & Nutrition you could evaluate the following:

Conditions of more than 200 muscles (with images) of your client, determining the level of training/relaxation needed.

Possible vitamin, mineral, or dietary needs.

Some suggestions either or not your client has a possible food intolerances.

A nutrition advice based on your own products.

The advantages for your practice and your clients:

Your client could have an immediate insight in his/her level of fitness and can determine which muscles needs extra exercising and which massage or starching.

After ERI scans, your client will be motivated to do a targeted exercise achieve faster results.

Your client will appreciate the personal attention and will become more motivated to come back to you for future advise and trainings. Intermediate scans can be used for an adjustments in the training schedule.

As a service, you can provide your client with advice and insight in his/her nutritional habits and possible foods with negative impact on your client’s health.

The advantages of Fitness & Nutrition module for you as a personal trainer/massage therapist are:

You will get a personalized insight into the muscle conditioning approach for your client.

You can give targeted nutrition advice.

On the basis of the scan, you can write a customized advise and the training schedule

You have a unique tool to attract new clients and increase your knowledge and benefits.

Your clients will experience excellent service with uniquely tailored personal attention.

You will have a leading edge over your competitors.


DISCLAIMER: Diagnosis is a job for a doctor. No device would replace this fact!

Only a professional health care provider can make decisions about the person’s state of health and establish proper diagnosis, prescribe methods and means of treatments in accordance with the requirements of the acceptable medical standards.

The “ERI™ system” is complementary addition to any procedures. It is presented only as alternative information base system. It does not make diagnose. Only medical specialist can make a decision about the patient's conditions.

 The “ERI™ system” procedures are neither replacement for a doctor nor a panacea.