ERI™ Nutrition

The ERI™ Nutrition Expert  module  could offer you, as a nutritional expert, fast, efficient, safe and targeted information about:

Food intolerances, vitamins and minerals, customized product preferences for your client.

You can give a solid, professional advice on the basis of a screening.

The screening is based on the principles of comparative Spectral Analysis, whereby thousands of profiles are compared in relation to the profile of the client. The information on this principles and the scientific background is available under History/Science page on our website.

The screening is safe, reliable, non-evasive with statistic based analysis.

The screening takes about 35 – 60 seconds. 

As a result, you will get an overview of possible food intolerances, vitamin and mineral recommendations.

Suggestions for your own products which would benefit your client.

You could immediately provide your client with relevant information he/she seeks.

You could e-mail the results to your client, immediately from your tablet.






DISCLAIMER: Diagnosis is a job for a doctor. No device would replace this fact!

Only a professional health care provider can make decisions about the person’s state of health and establish proper diagnosis, prescribe methods and means of treatments in accordance with the requirements of the acceptable medical standards.

The “ERI™ system” is complementary addition to any procedures. It is presented only as alternative information base system. It does not make diagnose. Only medical specialist can make a decision about the patient's conditions.

 The “ERI™ system” procedures are neither replacement for a doctor nor a panacea.